Care or Control?

Having an argument and exchanging harsh words is fine.

You don’t get upset with someone because that person does something wrong

but you get upset because that someone doesn’t make up to your expectations.

There is a difference.

Conflicts are caused when you try to control someone under disguise of care.

The care from one person should never be perceived as controlled by another.

If you really care about someone, you will not get upset or angry with that person.

Try to keep searching for different ways to help that person.

If someone close to you struggling through time,

you need to closely observe if there is any subtle control hidden behind your apparent care.

Care is an expression of love while control is an expression of ego.

Control cuts but Care connects.

Control might hurt but Care always heals.

Often people are not wrong, they are just different.

So, Keep Caring.


Audacious 💭🍁

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